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Father's Rights

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When going through the heartache of a divorce or if you are an unmarried father some people believe the fathers' rights are secondary to those of the mother. But a father's love and concern for his children and for their well-being can be every bit as strong and as important to the raising of the children as are the mother's. What legal standing does a father have? Receive those answers by calling (516) 821-0990 to talk with a top father's rights lawyer servicing Long Island, NY and Nassau County Area

Factors that Can Affect Your Rights

These factors and others can affect your rights either positively or negatively:

  • Were you married to the child's mother when she became pregnant?

  • If there is any question about it, can you prove that you are the child's father? (This is likely to involve taking a paternity test.)

  • Were you involved in your children's lives in an ongoing, positive way prior to your separation/divorce?

  • Has there been a history of abuse in the home-including physical abuse, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse?

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Promoting and Defending Fathers' Rights Has Even Resulted in The Fathers' Rights Movement.

The promote various positions, including:

  • Shared child custody

  • Reform of child support laws

  • Revision of no-fault divorce laws

  • Increased parental rights for the father

Divorce Rights You Should Be Aware Of

  • Adoption: You may have rights that prevent your former spouse from putting your child up for adoption.

  • Custody: You may have the right to pursue joint custody.

  • Financial support: You have the right and the obligation to provide ongoing financial support for your children in most divorce situations.

  • Paternity: You have the right (or maybe required) to prove that you are the biological father of any children involved in a divorce. However, in most situations if you were married to the child(ren)'s mother when she became pregnant, you are assumed to be the father and a paternity test may not be required.

  • Visitation: In most situations, you have the right to spend time with your children even after the divorce becomes final.

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